Neil Ramsden
Mathematics and Specialist Software

Who I work for

This page lists some of the clients and contacts I have worked with either as an employee or an independent consultant over the years.

Various Wind Turbine Manufacturers
developing wind turbine structural and geometric software for blade design and production.
St Andrew's Road and District Residents Association
providing informal support in interpreting traffic data, including representation at two Public Inquiries.
Real Spelling and Wordworks Kingston
Evolving the Word Microscope computer program and tools on this web-site for use by teachers and students of the Real Spelling approach to teaching orthography.
Airbus (British Aerospace)
developing and implementing a mathematical model of press forming accounting for non elastic behaviour of material under large displacement.
Garrad Hassan
working on wind turbine structural analysis software.
Cambridge Diamond Design
founding member and former director of a Cambridge based company developing an automated diamond cutting system. Created an original algorithm for determining the maximal shape that could be cut from a rough gemstone.
English Heritage
acting as liaison between archaeologists and Geographic Information System (GIS) specialists, and designing a data base system for the City of London Archaeological Deposit Survey (COLADS).
Gifford and Partners
as an employee assisting in computer system management tasks and internal user support. Also providing external support in developing an AutoCAD based Facilities Management System and producing a number of purpose written engineering programs.
Ministry of Food and Fisheries (MAFF)
using dynamic relaxation techniques under a given hydrodynamic model to predict the shape of trawled fishing nets.
Wavepower Ltd
as an employee involved in various computer and wave energy related projects such as analysis of directional sea spectra, mathematical modelling and condition monitoring systems.