Neil Ramsden
Mathematics and Specialist Software

What I offer as a consultant

Client-centred approach

So that you get the best out of any project, I will:

A versatile mix of skills

Whether it's a specific skill you need, or a powerful combination, I specialise in an analytic and creative approach.

I am very at home in multi-disciplinary teams where my strongest contribution is to turn concepts into practical solutions.

Areas of expertise

General mathematics

Mathematics is at the core of what I provide in a variety of contexts:

Mathematics for engineers

I have built up a great deal of expertise working with engineers applying maths to a diverse range of industries from aerospace to wind energy:

Computer software development

Many projects I undertake result in creating bespoke computer programs. They typically involve:

Computer Languages

I have the general software engineering skills that can be expressed in any modern computer language.

This includes in depth knowledge of C++ and Python.

I have also produced working applications using Fortran, Visual Basic for MS Office applications (Word, Excel and Access), C, JavaScript, Delphi, HTML, and XML markup languages.

Technical Authorship

Much of my work requires proposal and report writing.