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Experiments in English Morphology


Word Searcher - quick link to run the searcher now (800kB)

Word Microscope* - learn about the Word Microscope project, or download an experimental PC version.

Word Microscope can help you analyse words, create word sums, build word families and make word matrices.

Mini Matrix-Maker* - provide it with a list of word sums, and this web-tool will build a word matrix for you.

* We're aiming to create paid-for versions of Word Microscope and Mini Matrix-Maker, but demonstration and test versions can be used for free.


Word Searcher

Interactive Suffix Checker

Simple Checkers

Troubleshooting - what if a spelling tool doesn't run

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Welcome Page

Welcome to the morphology micro-site. It has information on how English words are built up and interactive web-tools to try out.

Use this page, www.neilramsden.co.uk/spelling/, as a bookmark in your own browser or when quoting this site to other people, even if you quote other specific pages as well such as the Word Searcher. Other pages might get moved.

This micro-site is for anyone interested in the English writing system, especially in how words represent meaning and how they are put together.

For newcomers, we hope you'll see English orthography in a new way.

For the more experienced, it's here to test ideas or as a resource to help others.

We hope whoever you are, you'll use, enjoy and send us comments on this morphological micro-site.

morphology noun 1 linguistics the study of morphemes and the rules by which they combine to form words. 2 biol the scientific study of the structure of plants and animals. 3 formal the structure of anything.

from Chambers Reference Online

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