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To get the latest version of Word Microscope, go to the download page and follow the instructions.

Learn more from the video-based introduction and scientific program guide by Pete Bowers (both are PDFs).

Getting Word Microscope

  1. Download and install the fully functioning free version.
  2. Run Word Microscope as you would normally. You have 42 days after installation to decide if you want to buy a licence to use it beyond that time.
  3. Decide how many users you will need to buy a licence for.
  4. Select the maximum user count in the pull-down list on the right that best reflects your needs and press the Buy Now button to proceed.

    Or, visit our Buying Guide page for more options.
  5. After processing your payment, we will send you an e-mail containing a key to unlock the time-limit.

Word Microscope runs on PC under Windows. There isn't a Mac version.

Paying for Word Microscope

Maximum users:

A paid licence for this version of Word Microscope entitles you to run it without a time-limit.

Download and install the latest version of Word Microscope before committing.

The charge depends on the number of Word Microscope users you expect to have on your computers at any one time. There are discounts for multiple use.

We sell in British pounds (GBP). PayPal will convert to your own currency. The base price is 42 GBP, which at the time of writing is around $55 in US dollars.

We only respond by e-mail. Please make sure you provide a valid e-mail address!

View our Buying Guide for more price options and for more details on how to choose the number of users.

What is Word Microscope?

Users of Word Microscope can peer inside a word to discover how it is built up.

It helps you answer two questions about a word that improve both vocabulary and spelling:

  • Why is this word spelled the way it is?
  • What does the spelling tell us about this word and other related words?

The answers are usually both surprising and rewarding.

By increasing your understanding of what makes up a single specimen word, Word Microscope helps you see connections with many new words, which are built in a similar way.

Take a quick look now to see four brief steps in using Word Microscope.

To see Word Microscope in action, view the videos and guides by Pete Bowers from WordWorks Kingston. They show many of its major features, while taking you through an investigation into the word <discovery>.

Our aim is that Word Microcope will become a favourite computer tool for exploring the structure and morphology of written English words.

What news?

This news page is for you, if you'd like to know what we've been up to and where we are now.

We'll be posting more information here periodically. Come and re-visit to see the latest additions.

As well as this, don't forget our word building and spelling micro-site at www.neilramsden.co.uk/spelling/.

The latest working version of the program for download is Word-Microscope-1-1-0.

If you'd like to try out Word Microcope, just go to the download page and follow the instructions.

We welcome suggestions for improvement. It's also useful to hear what works well, so we don't change something that's proven to be worthwhile.

You may also be interested in our Mini Matrix-Maker, which is a simple web-based tool for building word matrices. It works on Mac, iPad and other platforms, as well as PC.


Word-Microscope-1-1-0 - download the latest version

Guide to Buying - choosing the number of users and other information

Quick look - Word Microscope in a nutshell

Introduction - start here if you're new to Word Microscope

Hints for users (FAQ) - usage hints, based on your comments to us

What's next - a summary of what we plan to do next, in response to your comments

Version History - a list of what we've changed in each recent version

Resources - external resources used in creating and running Word Microscope

Video-based User Guide by Pete Bowers, on the WordWorks Kingston web-site.

Word Building and Spelling home page - main micro-site for investigating English morphology

Mini Matrix-Maker - a simple web-based tool for building word matrices


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