Neil Ramsden
Mathematics and Specialist Software

Who I am


Mathematics has been a recurring theme for me.

It led me to study at Cambridge University, first as an undergraduate in Mathematics, then as a post-graduate in Control Engineering and Operational Research.

At home the maths theme continued in the various board and card games which we played as a family.


While travelling in Europe and Latin America I have been able to practise speaking Spanish and French and welcome the opportunity to brush up on my language skills where possible.

My interest and enjoyment in the English language has been greatly enhanced by my work on the English spelling system. (See my Word Building and Spelling micro-site.)

Developing countries and the environment.

My post graduate project involved creating a computer model of a telecommunications network in a developing country and later I travelled independently throughout South America.

Work projects have included both wind and wave energy.

Leisure time enthusiasms include peace and justice organisations, cycling and growing organic food.

West Dorset

In 2002 I moved with my wife Louise and our two children from Southampton to Bridport in West Dorset.

The local coastline and countryside provide a welcome antidote to the confines of my office.